Really Slick Screensavers

Welcome to the Web's most visually exciting collection of original, open-source screensavers. Please see the downloads page for current releases for Windows and to find ports of these savers for other operating systems.

The FAQ has answers to common questions about these screensavers, and the blog contains announcements about what is going on at Really Slick. If those don't answer your questions, there is contact information on the about page.


A phantasmagoria of gooey geometric shapes, this saver will give you a splattering, writhing spectacle of 3D patterns and vibrant colors on your computer screen. Watch a single wriggling gizmo if you don't want your computer to heat up too much, or watch kaleidoscope mode for the full effect.


Cruise through the far reaches of space really, really fast. Fly between the stars, across oozing cosmic planes, and through endless shimmering tunnels. ...really fast.


Throw together some attraction/repulsion particle effects and some smooth implicit surfaces and this is what you get.


This is about as psychedelic as screensavers get. I thought Plasma was at the top of the scale, but this one is even more nauseating. You'd better find one of those air sickness bags before you stare at this one for too long.


The most full-blown fireworks screensaver ever. It has bright lights, smoke trails, clouds that are illuminated by the explosions, sound effects, and plenty of other eye candy. Keyboard commands allow you to launch various types of rockets, pause the movement of the fireworks, and control the camera with the mouse. OpenGL is used for the graphics and OpenAL is used for the sound.

Solar Winds

This is a very mesmerizing particle effects saver. Tweak the settings a little and you'll find that you can achieve an amazing number of different animated patterns. You can also connect the particles with lines for a very different effect.


Fly through an endless world of linked rings. You can choose from several different textures for the rings and alter the comlexity of the lattice structure.


This screensaver rocks. If you know anything about strange attractors, you might recognize the patterns created by this saver.


Probably the second most psychedelic screensaver in existence. Just try to picture all those colors moving around.

Field Lines

This is a simulation of the electric field lines between charged particles. Physics never looked so good.


Here is a 3D variation on swarm savers, a favorite old theme. Try it out with Chromatek's ChromaDepth glasses for a cool 3D effect.


This screensaver makes tornadoes on your screen. I wrote it for my storm chasing buddy, but you can have it too. Have a look at his weather page if you're interested in meteorology and severe weather.
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